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Maximize Your Hospital’s Revenue by Teaming Up with Apricity Healthcare Solutions, LLC.

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We support hospitals in the management of their Clinical Denials by overseeing their appeals process and identifying areas for improvement.

Quality Appeals

Our team of experienced nurses reviews each clinical denial and writes a patient-specific appeal that illustrates the medical necessity of the care and status of that patient.

Data-Driven Reports

Our team provides hospitals with data-rich reports that allows the hospital to see their return on investment and opportunities to maximize revenue by ensuring the appropriate status is assigned to the patient.

Denials Prevention

We work closely with your Utilization Management, Patient Access, and Revenue Cycle teams to ensure your hospital is using current best practices in denials prevention.

Post-Payment Audits

RACs, CERTs, PERMs, TPE, SSRs, Commercial, MA, and MCO plan post-payment audits…we can provide appeals and ADR/pull list services to ensure your error rate is minimal and you retain the payments received.

We Are Here to Help!

Working in the healthcare industry for over 20 years, we know the frustration of taking on “one more thing” as a provider. We take the complex medical necessity, and no authorization appeals off the provider’s plate, allowing them more time to care for their patients while ensuring they receive proper payment for services rendered. We know each patient is a unique individual, and the care provided is specific to their needs and goals. Our appeals are tailored to each patient's distinct hospital stay and focus on the evidence-based care provided by your team.

Why Choose Us?


Our team of healthcare professionals have worked in healthcare for decades with our nursing team averaging 18 years of hospital nursing experience and our leadership team averaging 21 years of hospital based service and leadership.


We hire compassionate healthcare professionals who advocate for your patient’s care just as you would. We understand that to keep nurses and doctors at the bedside caring for patients, you have to be paid for the services you provide.


Our team has spent years learning regulatory and administrative oversight rules and processes, learning the nuances of each payer and developing appeal strategies so timely filing and timely appeal deadlines are not missed.

Team Oriented

Our team succeeds when your team succeeds. We are committed to working with your utilization management, billing, patient access, and leadership teams to help your hospital develop processes that prevent denials and make denials that do exist easier to overturn.