Apricity Healthcare Solutions, LLC

About Us

Executive Team

Kristy Elder, MSN, RN

Founder, President

As President of Apricity Healthcare Solutions, LLC Kristy brings with her years of experience in clinical denials and appeals to serve our clients.  Kristy began her career in healthcare over 20 years ago, having worked in bedside nursing, nursing education, leadership, case management, and regulatory oversight.  Having a passion for healthcare policies and procedures and how to translate those to actionable and understandable work, Kristy discovered her niche in 2019 ensuring hospitals were paid by health plans for the compassionate, skilled work that they provided to their patients. Kristy has a strong knowledge base in payer and regulatory policies, appeal strategy, and denials prevention. Kristy personally has overturned more than 50 million dollars in clinical appeals. In addition, she has had the opportunity to build robust teams of appeal nurses that focus both on the prevention of future denials as well as recouping owed revenue for the hospitals.  Kristy received her master’s degree in healthcare systems leadership from Gonzaga University. 

Adam Elder, MS, CRHCP

Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Adam began his career in the healthcare industry over 20 years ago. During that time, he has provided executive-level leadership in the hospital and healthcare clinic settings focusing on quality and safety. He has extensive experience in Accountable Care Organization leadership, departmental management, and measures to improve patients’ access to care. Adam earned his master’s degree in healthcare patient safety leadership from the University of Illinois at Chicago- School of Medicine. Adam is married to Kristy, and they have two boys, Lane and Landon, who keep them busy with their teenage schedules. They also have two black labs, Nellie and Shadow.

Our Mission.

Apricity Healthcare Solutions, LLC’s mission is to assist healthcare institutions in retaining and recouping the payments owed to them while using data and metrics to guide denials prevention activities within the institution.

Our Vision

To ensure healthcare institutions have the financial means to provide excellent patient care.